Your New Puppy

The concept of Your New Puppy was born in September of 2006 with my first storefront in my home town of Kenton, OH. That store served Hardin County and surrounding areas for 3 years. In April of 2009, I opened my second store in Liberty Township (northern Cincinnati), OH.

Improving on the original YNP with better play areas for the customer and a self-enclosed booth for the pups, that store still serves the greater Cincinnati area, also reaching into Kentucky and Indiana.

The YNP facility is located in Kenton, Ohio, situated on 17 acres, woods in the back to watch the deer, mostly pasture from the days of mini donkeys, Dexter cattle, and Babydoll sheep, and a 2-acre pond where two groups of Canadian Geese come every year to have their little ones.

YNP, along with the other families that we now use, have been providing family pets for over 20 years. All facilities are required to maintain proper licensing and have clean inspections with NO critical violations, a copy is provided to a new owner at the time of purchase.

Mark’s passion for animals started when he was only 13 and a member of his local 4-H club showing rabbits and guinea pigs.

To bring you a better selection, one that fits your families needs, we have chosen to not specialize in any one or two types of dogs. Every puppy has its benefits but not every puppy is right for every family. No two puppies are the same and no two families are either, we all have different needs. Wisth that being said, we have chosen to do a variety of puppies both pure and mixes, all with their own unique personality and traits.

The popularity of the “designer puppy” has increased, mostly due to the request of our clients asking for more options regarding less shedding and more commonly, dog specific allergy concerns. We have now come to specialize in the “designer puppy” and boast the largest selection in the area. And while we do lean towards the smaller, companion pets, we do also have some larger puppies available from time to time.

YNP strives to educate families before they bring a new puppy home. First, you will find an info sheet on every puppy telling you about litter information, personality, basic care, and general traits. You will also find a numerical allergy scale to let you know if a puppy will or will not be good for those of you with dog specific allergies along with an activity and shedding scale. And of course our general knowledge about the puppies that we have and their personality traits.

We are here to answer your questions and encourage you to ask. We would rather you make a well-informed decision instead of making an emotional decision because the puppy is “cute” and regret it later. A puppy that does not fit your families needs is one that may get shuffled around from family to family and may end up in a shelter. This is not what we are about and never want to see one of our puppies shuffled around or in a shelter. 

Mark - Your New Puppy Owner
Michael Murrell, manager

Michael Murrell, Manager

Michael joined our team as the manager in April of 2020. He has an Associate’s degree in the Science of Paralegal Studies from Sullivan University of Louisville KY and is an Ordained Minister with the Omega Church in Iowa. In High School Michael was a member of the Orchestra playing the Cello. He also played, Coached and was a Referee for Soccer. During college he worked as a Pharmacy Technician. After college he joined Walmart as manager and remained with them for six years. Michael meet his wife while in college with one of those chance story book meetings. They share their home with Diamond a Beagle-Border Collie mix. During his spare time, he enjoys playing video games and has a wide array of gaming systems. His favorite movies are action flicks with Thor and the Avengers taking top list. His favorite dog is the Pug. Michael brings many great attributes to our store from his analytical approach to his organization as well as great customer skills and his ever growing knowledge of the puppies, and his desire to help the first time puppy owner with all of their questions.

We don’t want to see our dogs in a shelter.

The shelters have enough to deal with so please realize that buying a puppy will take a commitment of time and patience on your part, think carefully, ask questions and choose carefully. After all, we want our kids to find their forever homes also.

Your New Puppy


Great selection of puppy’s. The care they give. The establishment is clean and the puppies are well cared for. Michael is very knowledgable and friendly.
– Teresa Mitchell

My grandmother adopted a dog from here and we have had nothing but a positive experience. The store was clean and the workers were very helpful! I would always recommend
– Carly Wagers
We got our new puppy here and love it. They are super friendly and helpful and take care of the animals really well!!!
– Duane Walz